Our Company

Flores El Capiro is a Colombian company specialized in growing and commercializing fresh cut flowers, recognized in the world as one of the largest growers of chrysanthemums (pompoms) and pioneer in Colombia in the maritime transport of fresh cut flowers.

Flores El Capiro was founded in 1982 by a group of visionary investors with the name “Geranios” for the purpose of growing and commercializing horticultural products. Then, in 1985, Geranios started producing different types of fresh cut flowers such as roses, carnations and chrysanthemums.

Geranios acquired the company Flores El Capiro in 1997 and kept its name, which was more convenient for the company’s business purpose. By the end of 2008 Flores El Capiro merged with other companies such as Valley Farms and focused on becoming the best Chrysanthemums Grower in the world. Also, in 2008 started shipping maritime containers with chrysanthemums to the United Kingdom and Chile.

Today, with more than 30 years of experience in growing flowers and more than 8 years successfully shipping flowers in containers around the world, “Flores El Capiro is the home of your Chrysanthemums and many other opportunities”.


"We Grow


For 2020 Flores El Capiro S.A. will be consolidated as the main maritime supplier of fresh cut flowers to the main markets of the world, focused on the labor, environmental and economic sustainability of the business.



Florverde® Sustainable Flowers is an independent social and environmental standard for the flower sector supported by a strong team of agronomists, social workers and other professionals. Promotes and implements responsible codes of conduct, standards and sustainable agricultural practices.


This certification is awarded by third party certification bodies, such as SGS, Icontec and NaturaCert.



GLOBALG.A.P. is an international standard whose objective is safe and sustainable agriculture to benefit producers, suppliers and dealers around the world. This standard includes the following topics:

  • Safe products and traceability.
  • Environment (including biodiversity).
  • Workers’ health, safety and welfare.
  • Animal welfare.
  • Integrated Crop Management (ICM), Integrated Pest Control (IPC), Quality Management System (QMS), and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).


This certification is recognized for Florverde®.


Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behaviour.


AIPH Winner

In 2017 Flores El Capiro won the "Gold" award in the Cut Flowers category and the "Gold Rose" for the best producer of the year granted by the International Association of Horticultural Producers in Essen, Germany.



Winner on several occasions of the Best Grower award in its category and the Best Stand in Proflora, the most important commercial flower show in America that has exhibitors from all over the world and suppliers of plant material, services and supplies from different regions of the world.


Special recognition in the American Academy of Floriculture

In 2014 our CEO, Carlos Manuel Uribe, was awarded by the AAF for its contribution to the industry.


Best Producer of the Year by Tesco

Tesco, the important British supermarket chain, awarded Flores El Capiro as the best producer of the year 2009.


Best supplier in the world of the Dutch Flower Group

The Dutch Flower Group (DFG) awarded Flores El Capiro as the best supplier in the world in 2007. The DFG is one of the largest flower traders in the world.



Flores El Capiro has 5 production centers (Farms), a bouquet operation facility and a corporate office. Our production centers are located in Eastern Antioquia, at an approximate height of 2125 meters (6971 feet) above sea level and with an average temperature of 26 ° C (79 ° F) during the day and 13 ° C (55 ° F) during the night.

Our social commitment, transform the life of the people!

At Flores El Capiro S.A. we understand social responsibility as a commitment to our employees, the community and the environment, that is why we build participative and community scenarios, where identity, culture and history are recognized as a value that gives sense to Our Company.

We promote sport

We support the Maná Fútbol Club School through the sponsorship of 40 children in conditions of vulnerability in the town of La Ceja, seeking to train leaders of social change through sports.


We Generate Social Inclusion

We generate employment for people with disabilities, thus contributing to a more humane and sustainable society.


We promote Writing

We create participative scenarios and promote writing in the children of our employees through a Story Contest that seeks to raise awareness among children and society about the importance of caring for the environment.


We work with the communities

We contribute to the construction of environments that transform society and generate participation through sponsorship programs for schools in Eastern Antioquia. These programs seek to accompany and support the initiatives and strategies that allow the human being to recognize himself as a fundamental actor in society.